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I first learned about your detox pad after reading about it in the Journal of Immunity and it's impressive effects on the body. It prompted me to order from you with the hopes of relieving the joint pains that I feel because of the high uric acid (purine) content in my blood. I received my order the other day and immediately used it that night. I am compelled to write you to let you know that when I woke up the next morning, I felt like a new man because the pains in my knees and hands--the first thing that I feel when I wake up--are simply gone. I do not fully understand how such a simple thing can offer such relief, but I am very thankful for such a product to be available at this time. Thank you.

Solomon Smith
Gluocester, UK

The benefits I noticed are deeper and more restful sleep, better sense of well being the next day, joints feel more limber. Arthritic and rheumatic pains also totally disappear. I tend to get rheumatic pains in one or two fingers occasionally. (Note - turned 60 this past August) I have observed that one's health is not like a bottle of wine - it does not improve with age.

In doing an Internet search for these patches, I found mostly MLM companies marketing the products. There are a lot of fine, even extraordinary products sold through multi-level marketing, but they usually tend to cost more that direct marketed products.

Mark Konlee
Journal of Immunity
Vol 1 No 3 Oct-Dec 2003
West Allis, Wisconin, USA

Because of my failing kidneys, I used to go through a 6-hour dialysis treatment every week. After I started using detox patches every other day for the last four weeks, my doctor at our local dialysis center were surprised to find out that I needed less time on the dialysis machine. Apparently, the waste matter that had to be removed from my body was greatly reduced by my using detox patches on a regular basis. Now after almost three months of using your product, my dialysis time is shortened to 3 hours a week! My doctor was skeptical about the patches at first. But after placing an order and trying it himself, he is now recommending it to his patients too.

Jonathan Ng

Although I use detox patches regularly and it has helped greatly in maintaining my good health, I found no reason to write you until now. You see, I have an 8 year old grandson who is fond of eating chips and other salty junk food. I let him used detox patches with the intent of helping him eliminate the excessive sodium in his body. On his first week of use, the patches were very dark brown; in fact, very much darker than my used patches. He also felt more energetic since he used the patches. Now he continues to use detox pad regularly and his used patches are not that dark anymore, perhaps also due to the fact that his parents cut down his snack food intake. Thank you for this wonderful product.

A. Saguinsing
Quezon City, Philippines

My shoulder always ache in the morning when I wake up. Probably because of constantly carrying my baby who is getting heavier every day. When I used detox pad on my shoulders, I was truly amazed when I when woke up in the morning without the shoulder pains.

R. Vishmani
New Delhi, India

detox pad is it! After trying out 4 different detox patches in the market, our family is sold on this one. Congratulations on coming up with a product that is of high quality, effective, safe, and affordable.

R. Nichols
Houston, TX, USA

I used to buy Kinotakara Foot patches regularly for $40 a box for my own use. I was surprised to find out that Detoxion Patches are selling for only $20! Same product, better packaging, wonderful price! Your company is doing us a great service!

J. Lockwood
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My 72-year old father was always complaining about his aching feet so I bought a couple of boxes of detox pad for him to try on. After applying his first pair, he was so much relieved by a warm feeling on his feet that eventually eased his aching feet. Now, my dad always has a pair of detox patches on his feet day and night. Great product!

C. Bautista
San Juan, Philippines

I am 63 years old and I have always had pain on my knees that keeps me awake at night. I used detox pad and was surprised when the pain was gone; letting me sleep peacefully every night and waking up feeling refreshed!

R. Catur
Makati City, Philippines

Thank you, Detoxion! I have always had a problem getting a good night’s rest. Since I started using detox pad regularly, I now sleep soundly and wake up relaxed.

M. Santiago
Pasig City, Philippines

I am a regular user of a different brand of detoxification patches. When I saw your newspaper ad for Detoxion pad at less than half the price of the other brand, I thought your product might be less effective. But after trying out detox patches, I am glad to have found an equally effective product for much less money. I did not know that I was being being ripped-off all this time.

R. Lim
Makati City, Philippines

Yuck! That was all I could say when I saw the damp, dark brown detox pad after using it overnight. I am sure that detoxification had taken place because I woke up feeling lighter and vigorous. That was the best sleep I have had in a long time!

A. Goncharov
Lubbock, Texas, USA


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